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Neon Mobile Suits: A Synthwave & 80s Mix

Kumpulan Video Musik Synthwave dengan konsep tahun 80an dan pewarnaan yang sangat diminati zaman tersebut.

Track List (All Music provided by Epidemic Sound):

Night Stalker - Wave Saver 

Zombies From Outer Space – Wave Saver 

The Laser Grid – Forever Sunset

On The Knife – Future Joust 

She’s A Badass – Wave Saver 

The Mullet Squad – Rymdklang Soundstracks 

Free Tonight – Xack 

The Pink Horse – Ben Elson 

Alienated – ELFL 

Titan – Lupus Nocte 

Temple of Runha – ELFL 

UNIX 82 – Ben Elson 

Deep Space Samurai – Forever Sunset

Racing Heartbeats – The Big Let Down 

Micro – aTAC – Lupus Nocte 

Transhumanism – ELFL 

Powerhouse 1984 – Lupus Nocte 

Racing Hearts – Mattie Maguire 

MX 7000 - Lupus Nocte

Midnight Rider  - The Big Let Down 

Zombie Raiders – Wave Saver 


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